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For nearly 30 years our families of companies have had the privilege of creating custom designs that brought your personal visions to life. We’ve made a hotel venue into a tropical paradise, a garden wedding with more of a Zen vibe, large spaces into an intimate space with warm colors and multiple layers of texture. At Chris Lindsay Designs we believe in personal tailoring, you could say a custom fit. You will receive a consultation to go over your preferences and individual needs. Our team will then compile an outline of your vision. We always strive to help you create your perfect moment.



Our amazingly creative Design Team has had the privilege of decorating hotels and really incredible venues across the world and back again. It has been wonderful to create grand openings in Korea, Las Vegas, seasonal décor in France and the UK, just to name a few. No event is too large or too small. If you invite us to create a venue, we will happily come.



In today’s economy we understand the need for excellence not only with product but also service. As a corporate account you have the option of using our services to help you sell yours. Be it a gourmet basket as a thank you for their business, a large venue for the launching of a new product or even weekly arrangements of fresh flowers or orchid planters for the office to optimize the visual of your space. These intimate gestures will help to put you above the rest in your fields and we want you to succeed and are here to help you.


Chris Lindsay Designs… Guarantee……Flowers & products are handpicked at the market as well as being flown in from all over the world. We strive to present the freshest quality and varieties available to us.

If you have decided upon a design that we have offered on the web, we may have no choice but to switch out product and will strive to create a visual as close to your initial choice as possible.

Because we have no control over the environment our product is placed in we offer a 48 hour guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any concerns that we can assist you with. We strive to excel with our customer service and know that you are placing faith in us to create something that will express your thoughts and feelings. For that and all the years we have been able to serve you, we Thank You.

Delivery Charges

We have had to create one Delivery charge for the multiple cities that we service. If your order is delivered to a city with an added delivery charge this will be deducted from your product total, i.e. if your arrangement cost is $100.00 and the area that you are having it delivered to costs $25.00 then the arrangement will be filled to a value of $95.00 etc. If you’re Delivery charge is less than $20.00, then we will add the overcharged amount to the arrangement total. Sorry we couldn’t make the charges more exact but for content options this would have been way to confusing for you. It certainly was for us.

Chris Lindsay Team